Cyber Security Engineering

What Is Security Engineering?

  • In general, engineering is the design of a system to perform given functionality to solve a problem.
  • Security engineering is ensuring that the system ONLY does the designed functionality and nothing more.

What We Do

Cyber Security Engineering Provides engineering consulting services in virtually all areas of security engineering:

  • Hardware Products and Embedded Firmware
  • Software
  • Web Applications
  • Networks and Data-centers
  • IT Environment
  • Administrative and Personnel Policy
  • Fringe Situations and Contingency Planning
  • Security Compliance Standards

We can help you quantify risk based on proven methods set by NIST and examine liability based on that risk.

We do not offer certifications of compliance but we can work with you to help implements security measures needed for the healthcare, financial, and government sectors. We can even act as a Liaison between you and a third party security certification body.

Why Choose Cyber Security Engineering?

  • There are an infinite number of attack vectors and because of that there is never 100% security.
  • Security should be a holistic approach. The same security vulnerability can be mitigated many different ways.
  • Sophisticated Cyber Security Engineering is about understanding a specific situation an implementing the solution that is best for that situation and environment.
  • We know that understanding your situation is critical to getting the right security solution implemented. We work hard to understand the business needs of your organization to mitigate security vulnerabilities that makes sense for your situation.
  • We can work with your current staff to make them aware of the security principles that would provide the most value and minimize risk within your organization.
  • Your security is as only as good as the engineer on the project. We have experience in a wide range of technologies and business sectors and understand the different approaches and how they can safe guard your organization.


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